Accepted papers

Fan Yang. Negation and partial axiomatizations of dependence and independence logic revisited
Richard Zuber. Anaphors and Quantifiers
Konstantinos Pouliasis. A Curry-Howard view of basic justification logic
Juan P. Aguilera. Compactness in Infinitary Gödel Logics
Alexandru Baltag, Nick Bezhanishvili, Aybüke Özgün and Sonja Smets. Justified Belief and the Topology of Evidence
Zhe Lin and Minghui Ma. On the Complexity of the Equational Theory of Residuated Boolean Algebras
Katsuhiko Sano and Jonni Virtema. Characterizing Relative Frame Definability in Team Semantics via the Universal Modality
Raine Rönnholm. The Expressive Power of k-ary Exclusion Logic
Torben Braüner, Patrick Blackburn and Irina Polyanskaya. Second-order false-belief tasks: Analysis and formalization
Anselm Haak and Heribert Vollmer. A Model-Theoretic Characterization of Constant-Depth Arithmetic Circuits
Juan P. Aguilera and Matthias Baaz. Cut Elimination for Gödel Logic with an Operator Adding a Constant
John Baldwin. Foundations of Mathematics: Reliability AND Clarity in Proof by Mathematical Induction
Mateus De Oliveira Oliveira. Causality in Bounded Petri Nets is MSO Definable
Marcus Ramos, Ruy De Queiroz, Nelma Moreira and José Bacelar Almeida. On the Formalization of Some Results of Context-Free Language Theory
Willem Conradie, Sabine Frittella, Alessandra Palmigiano, Michele Piazzai, Nachoem Wijnberg and Apostolos Tzimoulis. Categories: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Two Sorts
Beniamino Accattoli. The Useful MAM, a Reasonable Implementation of the Strong Lambda-Calculus
Sabine Frittella, Alessandra Palmigiano, Giuseppe Greco and Fan Yang. A multi-type calculus for inquisitive logic
Ozan Kahramanogullari. True Concurrency of Deep Inference Proofs
Deniz Rudin, Karl Devries, Karen Duek, Kelsey Kraus and Adrian Brasoveanu. The Semantics of Corrections
Jukka Corander, Antti Hyttinen, Juha Kontinen, Johan Pensar and Jouko Vaananen. A Logical approach to context-specific independence
Holger Bock Axelsen, Robert Glück and Robin Kaarsgaard. A Classical Propositional Logic for Reasoning about Reversible Logic Circuits
Marta Bilkova and Matej Dostal. Expressivity of Many-Valued Modal Logics, Coalgebraically.
Anuj Dawar, Simone Severini and Octavio Zapata. Descriptive complexity of graph spectra