WoLLIC 2016 will be held in the Complejo Cultural Universitario of BUAP, in the city of Puebla, Mexico.

To go to Puebla from Mexico City, you can take a bus (2 hours drive). There are many buses. You can take the bus at the Airport or you can go to one of the city bus terminals; the one that probably has more buses to Puebla is TAPO. In Puebla, there are two bus terminals: CAPU and 4 Poniente. There are also many bus companies that go there; for example, you can check the schedule of Estrella Roja company (departure from Mexico City: select MEXICO AEROPUERTO AICM or MEXICO CENTRAL TAPO; destination: select PUEBLA 4 PONIENTE or PUEBLA CENTRAL CAPU). The 4 Poniente terminal in Puebla is a bit closer to the venue, and there seem to be more buses to there from the Airport. However, taking a taxi there might be a bit more complicated because there seems to be no special authorized taxis, and the local price may vary. In contrast, at CAPU there are authorized taxis with fixed price (which may be much higher than normal local taxi price); they claim that those taxis are more secure.